As all of you know, the all star game is going to be consisting of everyone playing old characters who have gotten to epic power.

To that, I am putting a few restrictions on this.

Restriction 1: Your character must be at least 21st level in a PC class. I would think this would be a no-brainer, but…

Restriction 2: Your character may not have any epic templates or epic monstrous qualities, IE not paragon or diefic or pseudonatural.

Restriction 3: Wish may not have been used to alter the characters form, unless it was to apply a template

Restriction 4: The character may not be over 40 Hit Dice or ECL.

Allowance 1: If your Character does not fit the above restrictions, but you are willing to modify them to make it so, feel free to make the adjustment, and then submit the character.

Allowance 2: If your Character has made epic spells, Chances are that they are a lot easier to cast. The adjusted rules for epic spells will be given later, and they are far more forgiving. (and loving of dice… Just a forewarning)

Allowance 3: Lich? sure. Customize? Take a look at the lich creation document. (This will probably adjust your ECL, as a warning.)

Allowance 4: Were alternate rules in play? Completely different rules set? If it was d20, it will probably work.

all stars game

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