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First Impressions - Thorne

Finally, a respite from the last day’s frantic activity allows me to place pen to paper in an effort to make sense of the situation in which I find myself. The dwarves of Greystone have been very accommodating, especially when they discovered our desire to meet with the Lady of Light. But I digress.

I was distracted this morning (was it only this morning?) by the alarm in my storage and R&D demiplane. I had my speyes collect my traveling accoutrements while I negotiated my defenses to arrive at the location of the alarm, my museum. It was immediately apparent that the Impervious Cloak was missing. After quickly assuring myself that nothing else was missing, I retrieved The Amulet and using divinations, set after the thief accompanied by Shieldfeather and my speyes.

The trail immediately began shifting between planes, eventually settling firmly in the realm of Shadow. It had apparently been busy, as I quickly met with other travelers pursuing the selfsame individual. When the gnoll joined the group, the tracking became much easier, as she claimed our quarry’s scent was hard to miss.

Eventually the trail ended at a semi-invisible golden barrier. The suspension of our trek allowed for a more detailed observation of my fellow pursuers. What had first appeared to be a half-red dragon ogre, upon closer inspection seemed to be something else entirely, and was obviously a follower of Kossuth. A human fighting monk was also with us, from an order I did not recognize. At first glance he seemed nothing special, although I sensed absolutely no magic on him, save that which seemed to issue forth from his very soul. The gnoll, whose sanity I immediately questioned due to her tendency to speak to thin air, seemed to be a typical undisciplined warrior of her people, although a glance at her axe confirmed that it could very well have come directly from the vault of Tempus himself. The final member of our group was, oddly enough, a fellow drow elf, and a male at that. He was obviously a warrior with some skill at the bow, but the fact that in my magically enhanced sight he shone as brightly as a artifact marked him as a powerful spellfire wielder. Interestingly enough, I noticed a trinket on his person adorned with my personal wizard mark. I originally assumed it was an item I had made, but the truth would prove to be much less mundane.

To be continued…


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