all stars game

Stop Thief!

No seriously, you are really going to regret it when I get line of sight on you...

That shouldn’t be missing, you thought. Immediately the thought that someone stole the item was running through your head. Then a foul odor hit you, and a grotesque image: one of spider trees, and a fleeting figure running towards darkness.

They weren’t just running off down the street; whoever it was smelled bad and was capable of plane hopping. You quickly gave chase, but tracing the robber’s steps across the shadow plane proved difficult, especially due to dimensional shifting not working well once in the deep shadow. The chase progressed; following the smell and the odd visions seemed to be leading you in the right direction.

You aren’t the only one the robber stole from. But why? No one could give an answer. Everyone had one definite reason to catch the robber and so the chase began again. With all of you working together, the robber’s lead diminished. Suddenly you ran into a wall! And it exists… around a plane that seems newly formed. No doubt the robber went through here. It seems to have gaps in it, and the robber went through one, and it closed.

It must be the seals! The seals that keep pure insanity, the realm outside this one, from invading. Each one contains vast power that if tapped, could grant one power, not just beyond mortals, but beyond even the greatest of dieties. And this world is sitting on one. Of course, two problems exist… If the robber does tap that power, they are likely to have strength and power beyond imagining… But if the seal fell off the crack in the multiverse, Reality itself could be doomed.


kingcoras kingcoras

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