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We're not in Faerun anymore, Calca.

Upon arriving in the material realms, we found ourselves in a library. The librarian, a winged woman with a singularly descriptive name, informed us we had come to an elven city, and through our conversation we realized that most of us were of races alien to this realm, and that the information we desired to regain our items and return home would be more difficult to attain than originally thought.

Apparently dark forces were at work to use our items in an attempt at universal destruction. Also, we were most definitely trapped here, as the planar barriers were somewhat different in this realm, along with the basic tenets of elemental magical behavior. With our newfound information, we decided to proceed to a nearby dwarven city, in the hopes of contacting an individual who frequented that place: the enigmatically named “Lady of Light”. One hopes that eventually we will encounter people with more normal names, like Samuel or something.

At the gates of the dwarven city we encountered yet another colorful individual, a female warrior with deific powers who apparently didn’t like us very much. An uneventful fight ensued which we won.

We soon had opportunity to meet with the Lady of Light, who thankfully also had a more reasonable name: Desandra Hawthorne. She informed us more closely as to the actual dangers the universe faced, and from where they stemmed. Cultists following beings from the realms of madness were the ones intent on our (and their, should they succeed) eradication. She assured us that she would help us (although in my experience, that usually means we will be helping her.)

The dwarves were quite helpful, allowing me access to a passable, although rustic, magical laboratory. I immediately set to work attempting to modify my magic to work better in this plane. Apparently the others were busy as well.

The human, draconian, and my “follower” apparently meddled with the time stream in order to combat and slay one of the elder far-beings behind the plot to destroy the universe. Also the draconian had some sort of tryst with this place’s goddess of magic, and he assures me that offspring will result from it. Thankfully, I have grown out of thinking with my crotch; that only causes all sorts of headache.

Hopefully this situation can be resolved with a minimum of wasted time and effort, but Calca assures me I am being unrealistic.

She is probably right.

End first entry


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