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Are you certain? Serten is.

The most recent turn of events has left little time for reflection, so I pen this between council of war and dinner, although the latter is apparently now more luxury than necessity. More on that later.

We have lost our convenient dwarven stronghold base of operations. The opposition has apparently also been dabbling in the timestream, and has rendered all residents of our erstwhile home into the ranks of the undead. The altered timeline has had other effects, such as the eradication of a lava elemental companion of the draconian’s. The archer, more so than others of the group, has had an expression of vindication on his face, when “I told you so” was not on his tongue.

It seems that the state of the dwarven city is merely a byproduct of the activation of the seal which borders the negative energy plane. Since our enemy’s goal seemed to revolve around that, we determined to undo it.

Through divination magics, we discovered the means to close the seal, namely an artifact which Ms. Hawthorne could use to destroy the portal. I traded my Staff of the Magi for it, and we snuck into the basement level where the seal was.

Combat ensued. There was darkness, obnoxious elemental magics, Bela again, and the gnoll discovered that while colors could not stop her, some could still be a nuisance. Apparently even her skewed view of reality couldn’t protect her from a prismatic wall. The monk assisted Ms. Hawthorne in destroying the seal, the draconian teleported Bela away, and the fight was won, however, the artifact of light had been destroyed in the process. I had been intending on returning the artifact in exchange for my staff, so I tried to collect the residual energy which was left behind.

I am fairly certain that touching the souls of artifacts does not normally render one into a god, at least in Toril, but apparently things run differently here. I am now what our drow companion has maintained all along: a deity. If I ever return home, there will be consequences, I am sure.

I am not at all sure that being proven right this much is good for the archer’s mental state. He seems to be stuck on “smug”.

to be continued


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